Local players giving a run for the share to a global giant: A case study of Pampers brand of Proctor and Gamble Pakistan

Syed Waqas Hussain, Jawaid Ahmed Qureshi, Muhammad Mubeen, Zaeema Asrar


Pakistan is a densely populated country with a population of around 200 million people with an annual birth rate of 29.8 births/1000 people that approximates to around 13 million babies per year with a majority of births in tier three and four socio-economic classes (Geoba, 2017). Based on marvelous demand and consumption patterns, the market for diapers seemed ever-increasing. This instrumental single case based study addressed the concerns regarding competitiveness of Pampers with other diaper brands. It undertook eight interviews from industry experts till saturation point and availed thematic analysis technique to categorize themes pertinent with core issues. Pampers is an expensive brand, primarily due to its higher cost of importing and local value additions. Despite being a global giant in diaper industry and having first mover advantage in Pakistan, the company is continuously losing its value and volume share against much cheaper local players since 2013. The case addressed shortcomings of Pampers Pakistan that were needed to be addressed and strategic branding and marketing decisions that were likely to regain its market share. Their marketing strategists realized revisiting its procurement plans, pricing strategies and distribution strategies, and brand management on urgent basis in order to maintain its sustainable competitive advantage.


Procurement, Pricing and Distribution Strategies, Branding and Marketing Strategies,Pampers in Pakistan, Proctor and Gamble (P&G)

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22555/ijelcs.v5i1.3023


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